M&A Post Election - The New Industrialization

The fires have been lit and the knives are being sharpened.  The new Administration is perceived of as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape industries. This is particularly true in media and telecom. Soon after the inauguration it is expected that there will be a ferocious rush to announce mergers.  If this does not occur it will likely be because large economic interests are negotiating among themselves about preferred outcomes. This New Industrialization will be justified in terms of freedom. Partisans in and out of the Administration will articulate that the election was a mandate for change, thus justifying any change. Substantive policy concerns will be dismissed as political opposition contrary to the will of the electorate.  Voices are likely to be muted in any case due to general confusion about what the new Administration stands for or how to respond to it.  This will mirror the Media's year-long confusion in how to cover the D. Trump candidacy. Years later interested parties will look back with surprise about how much was accomplished in several years.